Who We Are

Thank you for your help in spreading the word about American Right to Life. We appreciate your help.

American Right To Life Action: exists to provide leadership in the fight to advocate enforcement of God's enduring command, Do not murder (Luke 18:20), especially in the realm of government. ARTL Action operates as a 527 and therefore donations are not tax deductible. For decades, the pro-life industry provided political cover for pro-choice candidates by deceiving well-meaning pro-lifers. ARTL Action is determined to end that ability to mislead Christians into supporting those who defend various forms of intentional child-killing. When it comes to child killing, exceptions are a window to the soul. ARTL Action will throw open that window so all well-meaning people can see where a political candidate actually stands. At ARTL Action, we expose the liberal in the conservative.

See the Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney pro-life profiles for an example of American RTL's determination to expose the actual abortion rhetoric and record of candidates whom other ministires severely misrepresent.

ARTLA Salary & Benefits: ARTL Action's board members, officers, and spokesmen serve without salary. National RTL and the pro-life industry has become part of the establishment, and with inflated salaries and well-funded retirement programs, they could comfortably co-exist with Planned Parenthood and the political parties for the next forty years in the wilderness. That is where ARTLA comes in...

ARTL Action Timeframe: Our charter gives the founding leaders (directors and officers) twelve years in which to end abortion in America. At that time, if they have not, they are required to turn over ARTLA to an entirely new slate of leaders, their leadership coming to an end, either because they have succeeded, or failed.

ARTL Action Strategy: For over a quarter century, NRTL has dictated a strategy of child-killing regulations. Please consider American RTL's biblically-based three-pronged strategy!