John McCain's Tragic Pro-Abortion Record


ARTLA Presidential Scorecard

McCain Rejects the Right To Life of the Unborn: John McCain has funded the killing of 300,000 children by surgical abortion. And just as Germany had no right to determine that innocent Jews could by killed, neither do U.S. states have the right to determine that innocent babies can be killed. Yet John McCain rejects that an unborn child has the right to life:

-by approving of the abortion of an unwanted child if his father is a rapist;

-by his career-long refusal to vote for Human Life Amendments;

-by funding the killing of the tiniest boys and girls in embryonic research; and

-by promising to nominate justices, like Antonin Scalia, who promote the "states' right" to kill unborn children.

And he has authorized funding to surgically abort hundreds of thousands of children...

Cindy McCain on John McCain being Pro-Roe

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Hear Cindy McCain say that the Republican presidential candidate, i.e., her husband, wants to keep Roe v. Wade legal. You can read the transcript below, or watch this Freudian slip and see that John McCain's wife believed that HE was AGAINST over-turning Roe v. Wade.

DNC S-O-S DIA Flight Path Sign

For Immediate Release

American RTL Fails to Break its Own World Record

Denver, Colorado - At the exact moment Barack Obama began his acceptance speech, American Right To Life Action began to deploy an 800-foot version of its famous DNC sign altered to expose the infanticide views of the Democratic presidential candidate. In a field situated visibly under a flight path of planes departing Denver International Airport, the 424,000 square-foot sign proved too difficult for the team of forty ARTL members.

ARTLA DIA flight path design document. Credit Eric & Jordan Guttormson

Thousands of media and private photos and video clips of the August 25, 2008 historic display of the giant sign on the mountain show that the unfurling matched ARTL's design requirements. ARTL Action changed the message from 'unborn' to 'born' when attempting to deploy...

James Dobson Violates Pledge Made Invoking God

Colorado Springs, CO - American RTL Action, the political 527 group, is exposing Focus on the Family's Dr. James Dobson for violating his public pledge in which he invoked the name of God. Dr. Dobson violated his pledge by declaring that he is voting for John McCain. ARTL members will protest Dr. Dobson at his headquarters in Colorado Springs on Thursday, September 4.

On April 28, 1990 at the Washington D.C. Rally for Life on video and to hundreds of thousands of Christians, Dr. Dobson stated, "I want to give a pledge to you on a political level... I have determined that for the rest of my life, however long God lets me live on this earth, I will never cast one vote for any man or woman who would kill one innocent baby." (See pledge video below.) James Dobson has endorsed John McCain for president, a Republican who has recently voted to authorize funding to kill some children by surgical abortion.

American RTL Action calls upon Jim Daly, the president of Focus, to take down the video of Dr. Dobson's pledge which still plays for visitors at their Welcome Center. Dr. Dobson has broken the public oath which he repeated over a period of years including on his Focus on the Family radio program... [Click 'more' also to see the letter from Focus admitting and attempting to justify Dr. Dobson's violation of the oath he took before God.]

Romney Exit to Transform Pro-life Endorsements

‘Old Guard’ Leaders’ Candidates Fail

For Immediate Release: February 7, 2008

"National Right To Life had endorsed two candidates, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson," said Steve Curtis, president of the alternative American Right To Life Action. "Thompson, who opposes a human life amendment, withdrew on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and Romney withdrew on the opening day of CPAC" (Conservative Political Action Conference). "The partisan, old guard pro-life leaders like Paul Weyrich, Bob Jones, National RTL’s political architect James Bopp, and Jay Sekulow, all of whom endorsed pro-abortion Romney," said Curtis, "are thankfully losing their influence among those committed to pro-family issues."

The American RTL Action website states: "The Rev. Jerry Falwell has gone to be with the Lord, and his Moral Majority is deceased. The beloved D. James Kennedy has passed away, as did his Center for Reclaiming America. The Christian Coalition is long dead, and its founder Pat Robertson, who defended China’s forced abortion on CNN and endorsed pro-abortion Rudi Giuliani, is also dead though not physically but morally. Billy Graham at his last crusade and under no duress said positively that Hillary Clinton could run the country, and his own Christian Workers Handbook stated in 2001 that 'sincere Christians' may justify abortion when 'the unborn child has severe abnormalities' and in the 1997 edition: 'We should accept abortion in these cases: rape or incest…' This lie is the perverse foundation of the abortion industry and violates God’s direct command to never punish a child for his father’s crime (Ezekiel 18:20)." continues: “Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson made a pledge to God which prohibits him from supporting the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, saying, ‘for the rest of my life, however long God lets me live on this earth, I will never cast one vote for any man or woman who would kill one innocent baby.’ Ann Coulter described the aggressively pro-abortion Romney as “manifestly the best candidate” and instead of correcting the obvious campaign deceit, she mouthed the candidate’s own sound bite, that ‘Romney governed as a pro-lifer.’ That is a provable lie. By Romney’s own signature written in 2006, two years after his politically-calculated 'pro-life' conversion, he allocated tax dollars to murder unborn children in Massachusetts by 'elective' abortions."

“Our new political 527 group, American RTL Action targeted pro-abortion Romney...

ARTLA Rebukes Ann Coulter

Why? Because Coulter Endorsed Pro-Abortion Mitt Romney

UPDATE: See this presented in a popular Youtube video, The Ann Coulter Hang-ups, with four conservative talk show hosts from across the country exposing Ann Coulter for publishing irrefutably false information or just go to our ad hoc site

For Immediate Release
(see corroborating links)

American RTL Action president Steve Curtis is challenging the wisdom and pro-life leadership of Ann Coulter for her endorsement of pro-abortion Mitt Romney for president. The group's site (just below) documents Romney's recent promotion of child killing with links to official government websites, Romney's own campaign, mainstream sources, and audio and video clips of the candidate himself:

Mitt Romney claims, "On every piece of legislation, I came down on the side of life." "That is a lie," said Curtis, former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. In April 2006 Romney signed the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Plan that pays for even elective abortions. Today he falsely claims a 1981 court ruling about "medically necessary" abortions forced him to provide tax-funded elective abortion, showing he prioritizes socialized "health care" over protecting kids, even when that "health care" actually intentionally kills children. Romney gave a permanent seat on the Massachusetts payment policy advisory board to the nation's leading abortionists at Planned Parenthood. Romney signed the 2005 bill that promotes chemical abortions with Plan B. As Governor he appointed openly pro-abortion Democrat Matt Nestor to a district court; and disputing a ruling from his own state health department Romney personally argued that pro-life hospitals must dispense abortifacients. Romney claims to have been personally pro-life for many years, but also claims a recent pro-life conversion on Nov. 9, 2004 while talking to Harvard researcher Douglas Melton about embryonic stem cells.   However Mitt still openly supports killing the baby of a rapist, and killing the tiniest of humans for research. Dr. Melton has even disputed Romney's account of their conversation, and "pro-life" Romney even attended a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. During the years that Romney says he was personally pro-life he aggressively claimed to be second-to-none in asserting abortion as an essential right. And in October 2005 Romney asked the federal government for a waiver for a major increase in funding for abortion "counseling" and for tax-funded abortifacients.

Coulter repeatedly suggests in a Jan. 16, 2008 column that pro-lifers should let liberals help them pick their nominee. "The candidate Republicans should be clamoring for is the one liberals are feverishly denouncing... Mitt Romney." Coulter mocked primary voters who "do absolutely zero research on the candidates" and then concluded without presenting any legislative research but instead mouthing Mitt's own sound bite, that "Romney governed as a pro-lifer." ...