DNC S-O-S DIA Flight Path Sign

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American RTL Fails to Break its Own World Record

Denver, Colorado - At the exact moment Barack Obama began his acceptance speech, American Right To Life Action began to deploy an 800-foot version of its famous DNC sign altered to expose the infanticide views of the Democratic presidential candidate. In a field situated visibly under a flight path of planes departing Denver International Airport, the 424,000 square-foot sign proved too difficult for the team of forty ARTL members.

ARTLA DIA flight path design document. Credit JRGmedia.com Eric & Jordan Guttormson

Thousands of media and private photos and video clips of the August 25, 2008 historic display of the giant sign on the mountain show that the unfurling matched ARTL's design requirements. ARTL Action changed the message from 'unborn' to 'born' when attempting to deploy an enormous sign as part of our relentless rebuke of Barack Obama for his immoral refusal to love and protect a child even AFTER he is born.

 Photo ARTLA design document

"Obama refused to answer Rick Warren's question of when human rights begin," said American RTL Action president Steve Curtis, "because as his Illinois Senate campaign against Alan Keyes made brutally clear, Barack Obama even advocates a right to kill children after they are born. His repeated votes against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act indicate that Democratic voters nominated the most heartless candidate before them."

Curtis, a former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, added, "If Obama had stated the morally bankrupt pro-abortion claim that a child's life and rights begin at birth, he would have exposed his own willingness to abandon a child who survived an abortion to die outside her mother's womb. This particular abortion practice was exposed by famed Illinois nurse Jill Stanek."

Guinness World RecordsTM requested that ARTL Action provide certification from an expert qualified to document the final dimensions of Tuesday's DNC Sheets Of Shame. While an engineer is providing that documentation to Guinness on behalf of the 527 political group, "American RTL Action has no real interest in any world record," said Curtis, "other than the record of ending 'legalized' child killing around the country. Since most reporters are 'pro-choice,' we used the Guinness angle just to tempt them to run the story so they would publish our condemnation of pro-abortion politicians. It worked."

The Denver Post reported on August 27, "Anti-abortion demonstrators have been among the most visible and active groups at the Democratic National Convention." And a Colorado Springs Gazette editorial the next day agreed. "Far left activists who promised convention mayhem mostly made fools of themselves. They had no coherent message... Not so, regarding pro-life activists. They were seemingly everywhere in Denver...  And then there was the little matter of that giant message that showed up Tuesday morning on North Table Mountain... that said 'Destroys uNborn Children.'"

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