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To those who would like to stop Mitt Romney:

American RTL 3, Romney 0
Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida bring 527 Group to 3 for 3!

"Our new 527 group, American Right To Life Action, went head-to-head against false pro-lifer Mitt Romney in three early contests," said the group's president Steve Curtis, former chairman of the Colorado state Republican Party, "and he was crushed in Iowa and South Carolina, and may not recover from his winner-take-all defeat in Florida." From the website:

Iowa: ARTL Action targeted pro-choice Republican candidate Mitt Romney because he was the leading Republican candidate with the best organization, who had spent the most time in early primary states, spending the most money ($7 million in Iowa alone), with the most pro-life industry support, and telling the biggest lies trying to cover up his aggressive and recent pro-abortion actions. ARTL Action ran state-wide TV ads in Iowa for weeks prior to their January 3, 2008 caucus reaching pro-life voters. ABC News and Fox News aired excerpts of our ad campaign and many other outlets reported and linked to our site. Widespread media reports identified the number one negative against Romney as his lack of credibility in the claim that he opposes abortion. ARTL 1, Romney 0.

South Carolina: ARTL Action's focus led us south, where Romney's expected victory in his family's home state of Michigan motivated him to spend even more money in South Carolina. ARTL Action ran our Romney Abortion Fairytale TV ad, "Now he’s in South Carolina…" in the state's five greatest population centers. “It's become common knowledge that like Bill Clinton, Romney is a liberal who will lie about anything to voters,” said Curtis, “American Right To Life is guilty of piling on, at the right time, and in the right place.” Romney finished a distant fourth in South Carolina, even behind anti-personhood amendment Fred Thompson. ARTL 2, Romney 0.

Florida: ARTL Action sent an email blast targeting 524,000 registered Republicans showing primary voters the proof that Mitt Romney has been recently and aggressively pro-abortion. ARTL Action documented the liberal Massachusetts politician's many actions that promoted abortion, including a law Romney signed in 2006, after his politically-motivated 2004 'pro-life' conversion, which pays to kill unborn children in Massachusetts with tax dollars. Romney lost Florida by five percent. ARTL 3, Romney 0. “American Right To Life Action thanks the family-values voters who saw beyond the pro-life industry's endorsement of pro-abortion Mitt Romney,” said Columbine dad and ARTLA's vice president Brian Rohrbough. Mr. Rohrbough has gained national recognition opposing the failed strategy of the pro-life industry, which is the regulation of child killing, and for promoting the valid alternative, the promotion of the God-given right to life in personhood efforts. “With help from others, ARTL Action will continue to expose Mitt Romney’s recent and aggressive pro-abortion acts for Super Tuesday."

Now, we need your help to put the nail in Romney's campaign coffin. There are many Super Tuesday pro-life voters who will want to know the truth about Romney's abortion lies. They don't need to see or hear our powerful TV ads a twenty times to get the point. History shows that pro-life voters listen carefully and will oppose a candidate shown to by lying to them about protecting the unborn. Like those in South Carolina and Iowa, Super Tuesday pro-life voters very well may refuse to vote for Romney once they see him as a pro-choice candidate pretending to be pro-life.

Please help. Can you immediately donate $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more toward this goal, of ending Romney's bid? We need to hammer Romney now to warn the evangelical community about him. If you can donate more than $1,000, we need it. If you can give more or less, we need it.

To help, you can give online or by calling 1-888-888-ARTL (2785). If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call. Together we can stop Mitt by striking now, in this unprecedented opportunity with ARTL's proven Romney Fairytale TV ad campaign.

 -American Right To Life

p.s. Please call ARTL at 888-888-ARTL or give online! Here's some of our first ad's media & web coverage:


Media (and blog) Coverage for ARTL Action's First 527 Political Ad Examples of Media & Blog Coverage

A Hundred Blogs & Websites: A Google search for: "Romney Fairytale" Abortion reveals much disagreement, but no accusation of falsified quotes, etc.

Broadcast (without accusation of error)

* ABC's World News, weekend edition, 12-22, broadcast excerpt: senior political correspondent Jake Tapper
* Fox News Channel, Hannity & Colmes, 12-26, broadcast first half of ARTL Action's Romney Fairytale

Romney Campaign (has replied to ad yet without accusation of error)

* Mitt Romney himself has had to respond to the ARTL Action ad!
* Mitt Romney's spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom has had to respond to the ARTL Action ad!

Online News Reports

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