Romney Abortion Fairytale Radio & TV Ads

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* Where ARTL has run ads, in Iowa and South Carolina, Romney has been crushed.
* Please give now to fund anti-Romney ads in Florida to derail him before Super Tuesday.
* Our anti-Romney press release documents his recent abortion acts, please email it...

You can comment on this Romney video at Vimeo or on YouTube.

Click to hear another ARTL Action anti-Romney ad that's running on a 50k-watt Denver radio station.

View the Iowa version of the Romney Fairytale ad on YouTube. To see the Iowa ad in different resolutions, with the larger sizes giving better quality, you can use Quicktime and choose: 2MB  6MB 11MB 25MB 44MB

Pro-life Leaders Who, Unwittingly or Not, Endorsed Pro-Abortion Romney

Mitt Romney Announces Support of NRTL's James Bopp
"James Bopp is a key advisor to Mitt Romney" -Oct. 2007,

* National RTL's James Bopp (with support from NRTL)
* Jay Sekulow, American Center for Law & Justice [New York Times]
* Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation [New York Times]
* Bob Jones III [USA Today]
* Ann Coulter [WorldNetDaily]